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Updated December 17, 2014

Our Winter 2014/2015 season is here! We offer free delivery each week right to your door throughout all of Horry County, north to Calabash, and south to Pawleys Island.

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Sugarfoot Organic Farms is a small third-generation family farm. It was primarily corn and tobacco a few decades ago, but now we strive to create diversified farms that are sustainable, humane, and maintain the integrity of "organic". Much of our current production has moved off of the family land and the original farm is mainly used for an office, cold storage, washing & packing produce, equipment storage, a little bit of research, and seed-starting. Much of the land is being renovated, rejuvenated, and planted in fruit trees, berry bushes, perennial vegetables, and nutrient-accumulating plants to create a lush self-sustaining food forest in just a few years. Once we have achieved this we will open the farm to tours, events, dinners, and much more. We do not use any synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or harmful chemicals and use only sustainable methods of controlling weeds, pests, and diseases. We use natural inputs and practices to maintain healthy, nutrient-rich soil and compost all of the waste materials that we can while reusing or recycling almost all of the rest. Beneficial plants such as marigold, nasturtium, borage, dill, bee balm, and calendula grow alongside our crops to deter pests and attract beneficial insects. We plant bee attractants and keep our own honeybees to increase pollination of our crops. All of our vegetables, herbs, tree fruits, berries, and nuts are hand-picked and irrigated judiciously with artesian water from our own wells and from stored rainwater. We are dedicated to protecting the genetic diversity of our food sources and almost all of our crops are open-pollinated heirloom varieties. We do not grow or sell any genetically-engineered products, and we do support seed companies that have signed the Safe Seed Pledge. Local, organic produce is not only tastier than trucked-in commodities, but is much higher in vitamins and cancer-fighting antioxidants and you never have to worry about pesticide residues and genetically-modified organisms.