Updated Friday, April 30, 2021

Join our FarmBox home delivery program now and get your first share next week! Your membership includes free delivery of our fresh veggies straight from our little farm right here in Conway.

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We deliver throughout Horry County, north to Shallotte, and south to Pawleys Island.

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Sugarfoot Farms is a very small family farm and four generations are getting their hands dirty here right now. Many decades ago my grandfather and great uncle grew mostly tobacco, corn, and oats. There was always a big vegetable garden, though, and I spent much of my childhood tending that garden with my grandmother, harvesting with my grandfather and mother, or baling hay and doing tractor work with my father. Today we grow no tobacco, very little corn, and the vegetable garden is much bigger. We’re still a very small farm, but with big ideas. We use innovative growing practices to transition not only to sustainable, organic farming, but to actually be regenerative—to build the soil and make our little ecosystem better than ever. We use cover crops and plant beneficial insect attractants, and keep our own honeybees to increase pollination of our crops. We love composting and use several techniques like bokashi, Johnson-Su, thermophilic, static, soldier grub bins, and vermicomposting. All of our vegetables, herbs, tree fruits, berries, and nuts are hand-picked and irrigated judiciously with artesian water from our own wells and from rainwater. We are dedicated to protecting the genetic diversity of our food sources and grow lots of open-pollinated heirloom varieties as well as interesting hybrids that may be the heirlooms of tomorrow. We do not grow or sell any genetically-engineered products, and we do support seed companies that have signed the Safe Seed Pledge. Local produce is not only tastier than trucked-in commodities, but is much higher in vitamins and cancer-fighting antioxidants and you never have to worry about pesticide residues and genetically-modified organisms with our veggies.

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